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The Regenerative Clinic Merits Good CQC Rating

The Regenerative Clinic Merits Good CQC Rating

The Regenerative Clinic celebrates a good CQC rating across five crucial areas.

In The Regenerative Clinic’s first ever inspection, which took place on the 23rd September 2019, services across the clinic were found to be of ‘good’ quality. Inspectors, who gave only 24 hours notice of their full rigorous inspection, gave the rating across all categories assessed.

The Care Quality Commission (CQC) is the independent regulator of health and social care in England. As a body it sets and assesses standards of care across the healthcare industry in England and is run by a board of independent experts.

Using detailed methodology and interviews the assessment asked: are services safe?; are services effective?; are services caring?; are services responsive?; and are services well-led?

Their assessment states that The Regenerative Clinic meets and exceeds their standards in all of these crucial areas, and that The Regenerative Clinic is a good healthcare clinic overall in its performance.

Simon Checkley, CEO, The Regenerative Clinic says; “This is an incredible endorsement for our team. I am so proud of the work they have done over the last two years to establish our clinic, and in doing so establish a global centre of excellence for regenerative treatments. We have gone out of our way to provide an outstanding service for our patients, and in rigorously recording their experiences are innovating an entire new treatment pathway for conditions like osteoarthritis in the future. The Clinic is only as good as the world-class team that we have assembled, and our thanks and congratulations go to our team of surgeons, clinicians, nurses and administrators for the part they have played in our success to date. Here’s to a great future.”

The Regenerative Clinic has pioneered rejuvenating therapies and orthobiologics around the world, providing pioneering treatment for healing, pain relief and rejuvenation of joints and other tissues to restore mobility and function. The Clinic is led by Professor Adrian Wilson and his team of specialist Harley Street consultants, each one an expert in their own field (orthopaedic, radiology, gynaecological, spine, maxillofacial and cosmetic).

The Clinic offers a variety of treatments from its Harley Street Area clinic on Queen Anne Street. Treatments include Lipogems, which has now been conducted on over 40,000 patients worldwide. The Lipogems® technology prepares fat cells to trigger a healing response when injected directly into the affected area. The cells detect injury and attach themselves to damage where they react and regrow tissue. These pre-cursor stem cells have a pro-antibiotic effect that reduces pain and inflammation.

The clinic also offers Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) which involves drawing blood from a vein in the arm and processing the blood in a centrifuge to extract the platelet rich part of the blood; AMPP is a combination treatment of Lipogems® and PRP which is then injected into the area or areas causing pain under ultrasound guidance.

For further information, hi res images, interviews with Simon Checkley and case studies please contact Helen Trevorrow or Vicky Hague at Green Row on 0794 000 9138 or email helen@greenrow.co.uk

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